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I was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and American father. My mother died when I was one and my father abandoned me, leaving me with my Japanese grandmother.  I was adopted at 5. Before I was six, my adoptive father began sexually molesting me. Looking back, I should have turned into an alcoholic, drug addict, prostitute or been dead at an early age. But none of that happened. Instead, at a young age, I had a chance to watch Perry Mason,  a TV law drama about a criminal defense attorney. Each week, people accused of murder came to him because he was the only person they could count on and trust. Because I had no one to trust, I started trusting Perry Mason and I vowed I’d become Perry Mason for others.  And that’s exactly what I did. I became a lawyer and I went to great lengths to make sure my clients felt cared for. I used the system I created to keep me moving forward, to reach my goal to become a lawyer and later an athlete. 

Today, I am an Attorney | Athlete | Speaker | Advisor | 2X Bestselling Author. I'm a Legal Ethics - Trust-Building Expert. I help lawyers (and any other business owner) build iron-clad trust with clients, turning clients into champions so attorneys can build thriving practices without resorting to unethical advertising or half-baked advertising that doesn't work. I'm also a Productivity Expert. As an athlete, I've managed to achieve goals beyond my dreams and have applied those skills to business.  I speak on many topics, but at the core of everything I do is recognition of vulnerability as the fuel to moving forward and upward in life, sports and business. Last but not least: I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Firing Up Motivation with SMART Goals

5 Things You Don't Know About Goal Setting & Achievement that could help you get what you want: more money, better health, athletic success, better relationships, better lifestyle and more.

Mt. Shasta Ski & Snowboard Team Coaching Staff. Mt. Shasta Ski Resort, California. December 16, 2017.


Ever set goals you didn't achieve? Ever work with someone who just didn't get motivated enough to reach their goals? Whether you are a parent, business owner, athlete, or just someone who really wants something you don't have, this program will give you all the tools you need to set the right goals to fire you up to get what you want.

Subtle Shifts

Become a Lifelong Motivator | Mentor | Educator

Mt. Shasta Ski & Snowboard Team Coaching Staff. Mt. Shasta, California. December 16, 2017

PSIA | AASI -Western Division Education Staff Training, Mammoth Mountain, California. November 16, 2017

Master the art of inspiring your employees (or trainees) to work twice as hard and thank you for it. Learn the key that will leave your team, employees or trainees sitting on the edge of their seats when you speak.

“In a world of perpetual distraction where everyone seems to have ‘seen it all’… Tone broke through a room of over 100 discerning industry pros to inspire critical thought and productive conversations. Bravo!." – Bryan Schilling, Alpine VP, Professional Ski Instructors of America-Western Division.

“After Francine’s presentation ‘Subtle Shifts’ to our board of directors and education staff, I witnessed many putting the 'subtle shift' to practice, encouraging one another. It was an immediate and observable shift in behavior and I’m thrilled to see increased cooperation and communication among everyone!" – Kristi Prochazka, Administrative Director, PSIA/AASI-W

Warrior Rising

No More Victim | No More Survivor | BE MORE

Soroptimist International of Washoe County. November 14, 2017

Is your professionalism preventing you from truly changing lives? Your biggest power lies deep within the story you hide so well. Are you ready to be MORE? Are you ready to embrace that story, find your TRUE POWER, BUILD TRUST and TRANSFORM LIVES? Let's take the journey together.

“Thank you so much for spending time with us. Your presentation was so impactful. We learned that through our vulnerability, we can truly impact others, make a difference and even change the world."  –Lesli Brisson, President, Soroptimist International of Washoe County.

Photography by: Andreas Overland

Keeping Client Trust Even When Things Go Wrong

A Supercharged Ethical System That Manages Client Expectations and Builds Trust

El Dorado County Bar Association Continuing Education Presentation: 1 hour Ethics CLE credit. August 16, 2017

An advanced warning system that prepares clients, designed to maintain a strong trusting relationship when events occur that typically chip away at and eventually destroy trust.

"Francine, you are splendid CLE presenter. Even though this was the first time presenting, one would never have known that! You speak with ease, experience and wisdom. You have an instantaneous connection to your legal peers as you have all walked the same miles in the same shoes.  The El Dorado County Bar Association has been holding monthly CLEs for at least 5 years. After your presentation, I smiled with pride when someone said something like this, 'Wow, you really snatched a good one!'" -- Kathleen Bailey, Executive Director

This program is being offered at multiple Bar Associations. Click the Button to learn more.

After a Traumatic Brain Injury

4 Top Tips To Get Your Life Back

Business & Career Network/One Stop, 10075 Levon Ave., Truckee, CA.  December 16, 2016

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Beyond Rehabilitation. Hear from Kevin Ormsby, an Air Force pilot who lost his career as a fighter pilot due to a traumatic brain injury and his journey back and from his mother Francine Tone who fought for him after being told he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

"I thought I had come close to my recovery, but learned I have a lot more to do. But I am encouraged and will keep working hard to get my life back." --Audience member

Pathway to Success Through CONFIDENCE

5 Science-Backed Tools for Building Confidence Just When You Need It

November 29, 2016

Business & Career Network/One Stop, 10075 Levon Ave., Truckee, CA.  November 29, 2016 ​

Pull Confidence out of Thin Air, Just When You Need it Most. Learn about a new definition of confidence that sets you for success all the time, along with five tools to pull confidence out of thin air, just it starts to slip away.  

"Wow. I learned so much. Thank you for giving me tools to use." -- Audience member 

"People are still coming in talking about what they learned during your talk and are using what they learned." --Sheryl Elder, Event Promoter. 

On the Job Behavior

Awareness to Keep the Job Fun

Mt. Shasta Ski & Snowboard Team Coaching Staff, Mt. Shasta, California. December 16, 2017.

PSIA|AASI-Western Division Ed Staff Training, Mammoth Mountain, California. November 17, 2016.

What's OK and What's Not OK in Today's Crazy World. The "Legal Stuff" that's required ... but presented in a way that's memorable and engaging. A sexual harassment | discrimination | risk management presentation for ski and snowboard professionals.  DISCLAIMER: This course does not fulfill mandatory federal or state sexual harassment training. However, this course is suitable for employees who are not required to take mandatory training.

"The sexual harassment program presented was engaging and informative. The organization of the program combined with the material tailored for the industry we work in made this a must see, easy to understand, done with practical examples and kept the audience attention." -Greg Lyons, President, Professional Ski Instructors of America-Western Division. 

​"The section on risk management (sexual harassment) was excellent." -- Anonymous feedback

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