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Our "Personalities" are a Mess - And Probably Always Will Be ...

The other day I went mountain biking. It was my third mountain bike ride of the season. Mountain biking is a secondary sport for me. My husband likes it a lot and is aggressive with it. I'm OK. It's a way to get exercise. It's fun. But it's not my go-to sport that inspires me to get up at o-dark thirty like skiing and surfing. I was on a familiar trail--Narrow due to overgrowth from a wet spring and a bit washed out from the heavy winter. But the trail was flat. I rode onto a section that had rocks and roots sticking out. I clicked out my left foot from the pedal so it was free. I rode over a rock and my bike began to tip. I slowly leaned left and fell. I lay on my back on the ground. I lay

Big Girl Lost ...

Just about the time when I think I’ve figured stuff out, and life is going so well, what do I do? I start a new adventure that throws me into the unknown. It seems I’ve been doing this my entire life, so by now, I laugh at myself as I think, “here we go again.” My incredibly supportive husband has become accustomed to these 90 degree turns and twists and he seems to just go with the flow, while quietly shaking his head. Yet this time, he’s actively involved and quite excited about my new ventures. But, as some of you have noticed, there has been some confusion surrounding what I’ve been tinkering with for the past 18 months. Yup – I’m sometimes a little lost. It all started with writing and

I love my life and lifestyle but it wasn't always this way ... 


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