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Hi, my name is Fran and I'm about "S" activities: Skiing, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Singing. Through my "S" activities, I've experienced so many metaphors for LIFE and figured HOW to translate the metaphors to my LIFE and LIFESTYLE. And today, I love my lifestyle. And it's not a fairytale lifestyle. It's very real with real LIFE daily.  But It wasn't always this way.  


Like you,  I still have  to pay my bills, go to the grocery store, shovel the walkway (I live where it snows a lot), and wash the dishes. Like you, things happened that took my life in a different unforeseen direction. Like you, dramatic things happened in my life that derailed me. My mother died when I was one. My father abandoned me. I was adopted at five. My adoptive father began molesting me before I was six. I moved every three or so years and never had long-established childhood friends. I wanted to commit suicide when I was a teenager. I suffered at the hands of "mean girls" in high school. I got married and divorced. I had a wonderful son  (a positive in all this) at an early age. I almost died after a car accident. I got cancer. My wonderful son suffered a traumatic brain injury while halfway across the world and I was told he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. So yes, I'm just an ordinary person just like everyone else. And no, I didn't have that perfect life of a 50's television show. But yes, I managed to figure out a lot of stuff along the way to make my life what I wanted it to be.


Everyone lives until they die. But do you LIFE? LIFE, for me, encompasses not only living, but includes an enriched life and lifestyle. Are you living the LIFE you want? How do you live that LIFE you want?


Join me as I muse through my journey and the HOW TO LIFE that I've stumbled upon along the way. And I would love to hear from you about your journey. Part of learning to LIFE is learning from everyone around us. 

Francine Tone is the managing partner of Tone & Tone, Attorneys at Law, California. She is also an accomplished athlete and entrepreneur and the principle of Francine Tone & Associates, LLC and founder of Torii Publishing. She is a 4-time #1 Bestselling Author, a Legal Ethics - Trust Building and Productivity Expert, available as a consultant, leadership trainer, and speaker.


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