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I was not alone ...

On that crazy Tuesday morning when my entire being was focused on “getting to New Zealand,” I could hardly wait for the passport office door to open. When it did, I went straight to the window and handed over my expired passport. The clerk asked me when my flight was. “Midnight.” “ Purpose for travel?” “A family emergency.” His snarky response: “Yea right. Come back at 3 pm. We’ll see what we can do.” We’ll see what we can do? We’ll see what we can do?? I needed my passport now! I wanted to scream. My instinct told me that I must do whatever it took to achieve the goal. Do not create barriers. I didn’t want to give this snarky clerk any reason to delay processing my passport. I quietly tha

My Only Focus: Get to New Zealand...

Sounded easy. I wish it had been that easy. But of course, it’s never that easy. I knew only that Kevin had been helicoptered, unconscious, to the university hospital in Dunedin, South Island. I had a travel agent who could book the next flight to New Zealand. It was late evening on Sunday; the next flight was Monday night out of Los Angeles. I live in Truckee, California, near Lake Tahoe, close to Reno. I was a long way from Los Angeles. I had to fly from Reno to San Francisco to Los Angeles! I had a plan now. I began stuffing my clothes into my bag. I got my passport, opened it – Expired. I remember staring at the passport as confusion flooded my mind. OK! OK! Think! I don’t want him to be

I love my life and lifestyle but it wasn't always this way ... 


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