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Surfing with a Ukulele...

Last weekend, I happened to be hanging out at a friend’s store (Adrift Tahoe) on the beach at Lake Tahoe. One of the guys, Frank, was playing his guitar and I was having coffee and listening. I was quite content to just sit and listen. I remarked how nice it sounded. He stopped playing, jumped up, ran into the store and came back out with a ukulele. He handed it to me. First, I stared at it. Frank then showed me how to hold it, how to strum it, and how to place my fingers along the strings for chords. Within a few moments, I was strumming my first three chords. I think I sat there for about 2 hours playing around with three chords and strumming. It was fun. I was mesmerized. Long after I h

My #1 Secret to Starting the Day Upbeat ...

And staying happy all day, despite what life throws at me, is my snooze dream time. When I hit the snooze button (usually several times), I purposefully and deliberately imagine an adventure that thrills me and makes me smile. Ever have one of those days when you woke up grumpy; grumpily got out of bed; begrudgedly took a shower and got dressed (or maybe stayed in your PJ’s). As the day went by, you got grumpier. Food didn’t taste right. Some overly cheerful person annoyingly tried to remind you that you should be happy because you didn’t have some rare Asian flu or zika virus and all you wanted to do was throw the computer screen at that person. And sometimes several of these days got s

Crazy Woman Surfs All Day Every Day in Waikiki ...

Just returned from another trip to Hawaii where I spent 18 days, every day, all day, on my standup paddle board working on my surfing. That is pretty much all I do there during daylight hours. I take a break here and there to hydrate and refuel. Some say I should exercise “moderation” like everyone else: go out a couple of hours, rest a couple of hours or more. My friends tell me they surf for a couple of hours and then go do something else entirely. That’s great – for someone who grew up surfing and can do it daily, every day, all year. I’ve been called obsessive for most of my life and it used to irk the hell out of me to be labeled. I just wanted to excel in everything I undertook and it

I love my life and lifestyle but it wasn't always this way ... 


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