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Chasing a Swell ...

That's what I did in June. I had just returned from an 18-day trip to Hawaii, surfing daily (surprise). On my return, each morning, I sit at my computer and check the surf report for Oahu. As the days went by, I began seeing a report of a large swell that might head for Oahu. I did some research and it looked like this long term forecast might actually hit the area I spend surfing daily. I had a business trip planned for the week to Irvine, California- a trip where I'd be sitting in a conference room with no windows. My thought: what if I just switched trips and went to Hawaii and chased this swell instead? A pipe dream, right? But it was a dream of mine to chase a swell one day. I told my h

I love my life and lifestyle but it wasn't always this way ... 


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