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A Bubble in My Brain ...

Last week I shared the outcome of my one and only contact with my biological father. If you asked me now to describe precisely my feelings on the whole experience [Psychologist asking: “and how do you feel about that, Francine?”], I’m not sure I could. Today, my whole “Real Father” topic is in a little bubble in my brain, sitting off to the side a bit – there, for sure, but not interacting a lot with what I do, or think, or feel in my ongoing life. There are just different parts in the bubble that I sometimes will look at again. I can’t undo the fact that my father, 55 years ago, abandoned me. That’s in there. The idea of it can hurt, but these days, I really have to move into that consciou

The Father That Was Never to Be ...

Last year on Father’s Day, I wrote about traveling to Japan to meet my father for the first time. We had four long visits. I grew to like this man who only knew me as an infant. He was kind to me. He was quietly funny. He had a gentle spirit. We sat over coffee in our first meeting as he asked and answered questions. He took me to a Chinese Dim Sum restaurant and introduced me to a variety of foods I had never tried. He explained the pouring of fine tea as a waiter ceremoniously poured my tea. He took me on a tour of Tokyo, pointing out historical spots and their significance. He was enjoying teaching me things. Finally, during our last farewell, he gave me a hug that became strong and exten

You're Never Too Old To Hurt Yourself While Having Fun ...

New Flash: Mammoth Mountain. Rossignol Ski Camp. Fran dislocates shoulder ... bummer. I've been overwhelmed the past few months creating my new business ventures, also being distracted from my How-to-Life blog. Then, "voila" - an event falls from the ski gods to give me another left-handed lesson and bring me back to earth -literally. Free-skiing is my thing, but I also love to race train. I'm strictly middle of pack in actual races and don't do it much, but I love to train in the gates and schedule several week-long race camps each ski year. Despite my distractions, here I was at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort at one of my favorite ski weeks of the year. Day One: I'm having a great run down a

I love my life and lifestyle but it wasn't always this way ... 


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