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A Stack of Rocks means ...

a ton of experience and value. This means you have a lot to offer yourself and others.

Stack of Rocks: How to Life

This is my birthday month and I'm turning 60. That's just a number because I certainly don't feel 60. Or maybe this is how 60 feels. But I do know that I've stacked almost 60 years of life experience rocks on top of one another. Some were big flat foundational rocks. Others were small round topply rocks. That's LIFE. And it took all 60 years of rocks to make me what I am today.

This may be the singularly most important idea that anyone needs to move forward and upward in life. After a lot of hard knocks and not having what you want, it can be difficult to change your point of view and think that maybe something good can happen to you.

You just need to remember that the rocks which make up your entire life to this very moment made you who you are. In other words, you are rock solid and rock tippy.

And you need both to live LIFE. If you are only rock solid, you become inflexible and never see the need for change. If you are only rock tippy, then you never get a foot hold anywhere.



Start today and identify some of your rocks. And because we all have this crazy habit of finding all that's wrong with us, instead of finding the positive, here's a little tool to use to come up with your everlasting POSITIVE LIST OF CHARACTERISTICS. For every negative word you come up with, find the positive perspective. Here's a few to get you started:

Negative | POSITIVE

stubborn | TENACIOUS


victim | SURVIVOR

flighty | FLEXIBLE

obnoxious | BOLD

timid | QUIET

Make your list and keep the positive words and throw away the negative words. At the top of the list, write

"I AM"

and put this list someplace where you can read it every day. This is the first step to the beginning of your new life. And if you are already taking steps to make positive changes in your life, you can still make and post your list to get to YOUR LIFE faster.

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