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Award winning #1 Bestseller. Five-Star reviews. A primer for anyone who is or is about to become involved in the legal system. Learn the best way to find your lawyer and learn what insiders know about maneuvering in the legal process that can save you money, stress, sleepless nights and have the best relationship with your lawyer.

Francine Tone is the managing partner at Tone & Tone, Attorneys at Law.


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#1 Bestseller. Read Francine Tone's chapter "Warrior Rising," and learn how she embracing her inner warrior gave her the strength to triumph over a dark childhood. The book contains stories of hope, inspiration, and triumph that teach us when we are stuck a in place that we are actually just readying ourselves to launch. Each chapter is written by bestselling, award-winning, inspirational authors and entrepreneurs. Whatever your own trial is, divorce, grief, prison, separation, disease, depression, or business failures, this book is here for you. Each of the chapters in this series will help you understand that when you held back or stretched the limit, that is the time to set your sights in exactly the direction that you want to go and then let yourself launch.

#1 Bestseller. Inspiring Stories of Success by Extraordinary Women. Read Francine Tone's journey of how she overcame the prognosis that her son would be a vegetable the rest of his life after he suffered a traumatic brain injury at page 135.

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